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Spring 2012 IMAGINE How creativity works

My new 'layered' paper cover art for the book by New York Times bestselling author Jonah Lehrer, who write about how we can use science to be more imaginative and make our cities, companies, and our culture more creative.

Spring 2012 Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake ad
Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake ad

This is a white paper quilling work featuring some paper sculpture elements that I've made for the new Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake ad. The initial version featured the garnishes made of white paper as well; however the real food were chosen for the final version.

Winter 2012 Hitachi Chemical 50th Anniversary campaign
Hitachi Chemical

Year 2012 is Hitachi Chemical's 50th anniversary year; to celebrate the anniversary they wanted to use a positive and upbeat image to give people hope for the bright future. My role was to create two sets of paper artworks to be used as advertising posters/billboards in major cities in Japan, all year round in 2012. Some of the locations included airport terminals and Shinkansens (bullet trains) among others. The above photos are featuring the 1st visual of the campaign, the 2nd celebratory part of the project will be revealed later in the year.

Winter 2012 FahThai magazine
FahThai magazine

Surfing-themed cover art for the FahThai, an in-flight magazine for Bangkok Airways.

Winter 2011 Westfield Christmas campaign
Westfield Christmas campaign

Yellow Door commissioned me to create a paper artwork for Westfield this Christmas. The London Campaign was in silver and gold and the regional campaign used the original blue paper art. Photography by Ted Humble-Smith, retouching by Tapestry. Westfield Christmas Photoshoot: Behind The Scenes

Winter 2011 Sephora

For this project I collaborated with Sephora team to bring into life their in-store Holiday concept for 2011 which revolved around the theme of "paper art". My part was to do the type treatment of the tagline "I'm Dreaming Of..." incorporating Sephora logo (the flowers were created by a different designer).

Autumn 2011 University of Baltimore midtown campaign
University of Baltimore midtown campaign

Over the past two years, the University of Baltimore has been going through rebranding. This initiative resulted in the development of a new tagline Knowledge That Works. The idea for the campaign is to work with a group of illustrators /designers whose interpretation of the new taglinewill be depicted on the posters and banners. So far the University has launched two campaigns featuring the designs by Milton Glaser, Nick Dewar, Heads of State, Paula Scher and Seymour Chwast; in autumn I've been asked to crate my take on the design; the resulting banners were displayed on numerous city light poles that surround the entire campus; the posters are hung in all University buildings.

Summer 2011 MagniFique
Airport Paris

A billboard design that appeared in two Parisian airports in order to communicate the message that France is a great tourists destination.

Summer 2011 OceanGuard Omega 3
Omega 3 Ocean Guard

Two similar posters for the new range of Omega 3 supplements that have been launched in Australia this year. Here is the website about this product that uses some of the paper curls from the posters as a design element: Ocean Guard

Winter 2011 Ford Everest
Ford Everest

Two press ads that appeared in print media in Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia

January 2011 PURE magazine cover
Pure Magazine Cover

Cover art for PURE magazine dedicated to Finnish design, architecture and culture.

Summer - Winter 2010 RATP

This is a big project for Autonomous Operator of Parisian Transports that Iíve been working on for more than half a year in 2010. They wanted to communicate various changes and improvements that they were doing for the transport in Paris by a series of visuals which would incorporate a certain message about the improvement. This is the very first artwork that Iíve created for the project; however the client decided to change the headline and the whole look of the image

Summer - Winter 2010 RATP