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Winter 2013 My CandyCrush-inspired 3D paper art

CandyCrush-inspired 3D paper art

Additional side views

CandyCrush-inspired 3D paper art side views

Spring 2013

LCX project and exhibition
From LCX: "To bring a refreshing image to customers and strengthen LCX as a chic lifestyle department store, LCX (Harbour City, Hong Kong)has collaborated with Yulia Brodskaya, a renowned Russian paper quilling artist, to create a brand new visual for LCX Rewards Card 2013.

Visual for LCX Rewards Card 2013

What's more, Yulia launches her first art exhibition at LCX, around 15 pieces of her highly detailed, genius hand-made artpieces are exhibited.

Yulia launches her first art exhibition at LCX

She especially flies to Hong Kong to attend the media and bloggers event and tailor-make an artpiece on-site at LCX."

Tailor-make an artpiece on-site

Specially made animation:

Winter 2013

Christmas card for Credit Mutuel bank

Christmas card for Credit Mutuel bank

Here is a very nice animation of this design:

Summer 2013

Ansrsource website
I collaborated with Spin creative studio on a website building project for Ansrsource, is a growing international education content company that is strongly rooted in the development of creative critical thinking skills:

Ansrsource website

Full website: